22 March 2010

Emily Dickinson

Two new favourites on danger and doubt...

The Soul's distinct connection
With immortality
Is best disclosed by Danger
Or quick Calamity—

As Lightning on a Landscape
Exhibits Sheets of Place—
Not yet suspected—but for Flash—
And Click—and Suddenness.


A doubt if it be Us
Assists the staggering Mind
In an extremer Anguish
Until it footing find.

An Unreality is lent,
A merciful Mirage
That makes the living possible
While it suspends the lives.


  1. ...just because I take every opportunity to infringe Wendy Cope's copyright:

    Emily Dickinson
    Liked to use dashes
    Instead of full stops.

    Nowadays, faced with such
    Critics and editors
    Send for the cops.