24 August 2010

Translated Arabic expressions written in English alphabet, inaccuracy will reign today...

NB: '3' refers to an Arabic letter to which there is no equivalent in English. It is a sort of 'a' sound but from half way down the throat. If that helps.

1. Baadha mish tal3a min il bedah: She's barely out of the egg!
Meaning: She's too young to be doing...

2. Draat 3l balaat: Farts on marble.
Meaning: To dismiss something as utterly pointless. (This is a fun one to visualise).

3. Waja3 ikhla3 nee3ak: May pain rip off your (masc) jaws.
Meaning: This is self explanatory. (So is this).

4. Mitil adda'l musta3jil: Like fate in a hurry.
This one confuses me, very awkward translation.

5. Min rakab al nas maat a haman: He who watches people/compares himself, dies in worry.
Meaning: A warning...

6. Min tumak la baab al samaa: From your (masc) mouth to the gates of Heaven.
I'm still not sure how to use this one, but I think it is in instances of well wishing.

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  1. friend sarah taught me one, can't remember the arabic (beyond me) but it translated as something like, 'if honey is your friend, don't lick it all of at once' amazeballs!