21 December 2010

Roslyn Taber

Marilyn in The Misfits (1961)

'You have the gift of life Roslyn. The rest of us are just looking for a place to hide and watch it all go by'.


  1. I just saw it now. How never before? It's as if I was waiting all this time to see this distillation of her. I want to write a whole book about it but also to leave it alone and never see it again.
    Gable made me sick though. And the end: I knew it would be like that but I was still disappointed. Maybe it was doing more than I thought it was. Judging by the rest of the film it certainly seems possible it was.
    Damn, if only I'd thought of it in time I could have written about this and MM and LM etc etc for GWF. Maybe the next one if you'll have me?

  2. hi! *thanks* write it anyway, if you tell me how many words we'll leave space for you in gwf, can you do it by the end of the week? or just something short. would love to have you in it please....!!!XXXXXXX i may need to watch it again...

  3. well how many words would you like?
    end of week meaning when exactly?
    also i don't know what the deal is with pic rights etc -- seems stupid not to have some illustration of some kind?
    would love to be in it too, thanksx