27 May 2011

Lots of Monster Emporium Press news...

(OK this is cross posted from the MEP blog...apologies)

Hey there Monster lovers, so here are a bunch of dates you *may* want to note down. How else will you get your fix of MEP goodness? Exactly. So...

We will be of course at the International Alternative Press Fair this weekend! It's going be very exciting and is the first time Alt Press are going international. It's a mere £2 to get in and it takes place at Conway Hall (25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL) from 10am - 4pm on both Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May.
There may even be cake...

ALSO We will be at the Sassoon Gallery on Sunday 5 June as part of their show, Holy Sh!t: The Visions of the Walworth Jumpers which sounds awesome and is in Peckham (yes! South London 4 eva).

AND there is a zine festival at the Women's Library (East London) on Saturday 25 June which looks pretty exciting...we're not organised enough to have applied for this yet so we will confirm closer to the date. But still...

FINALLY (and similarly we have yet to apply but sounds very interesting...) on 22-24 July there's a slightly more literary/academic event taking place at Galerie 8 (Hackney) where many Chris Marker films will be shown and there will be all sorts of artists' book and self-published goodness.


23 May 2011

Tonight No Poetry Will Serve by Adrienne Rich

Saw you walking barefoot
taking a long look
at the new moon's eyelid

later spread
sleep-fallen, naked in your dark hair
asleep but not oblivious
of the unslept unsleeping

Tonight I think
no poetry
will serve

Syntax of rendition:

verb pilots the plane
adverb modifies action

verb force-feeds noun
submerges the subject
noun is choking
verb    disgraced    goes on doing

now diagram the sentence

10 May 2011

'The first fiction is your name'

I *really* want to read Inferno by Eileen Myles.
“I’m not an exclusively emotional poet, but I start with a problem and I keep returning to the feeling of it, not the idea. I don’t replace it. It seems if you stay in an actual groove (a non-verbal pot) then the poem never really gets lost or boring.”

from the great OR Books

Here is a sort of weird 'advert' for it but it's good because it's mostly her speaking, and boy is she cool. She is a hero in the sense that she says what she fucking thinks. So hard to find.

There is also a very interesting piece on her, Bruce Benderson and Gary Indiana over at 3:AM...which then led me to this manifesto by Benderson - Toward the New Degenerate Narrative...

'Today, for the first time in a long time in this country, the literary discourse of the Outsider has been diluted and deformed. In place of true Outsider narratives or manifestos like Djuna Barnes' Nightwood, Ellison's The Invisible Man, Algren's A Walk on the Wild Side, or Selby's Last Exit to Brooklyn are sentimental researches into mythicized ethnic histories. Obscure facts about lost African civilizations or neglected female artists are supposed to fill the enormous gap left by deconstructing the canon. In humanities departments, women and ethnic minorities are taught to see their present existence as a socially mediated hallucination. Everything they experience has been reduced to being a symptom of their oppression.

This is depressing in lieu of the fact that America produced some of the world's most powerful voices of alienation: the postwar Beats. In the late 1950s, when the Beats burst onto the American scene, audiences and writers were less ghettoized. The fact that Hubert Selby, Jr., a straight man, was able to create a powerful portrait of a drag queen in Last Exit to Brooklyn brought him accolades instead of censure. The fact that macho, white Jack Gelber could portray black or gay junkies in his minimalist play The Connection was not looked on with suspicion. Nowadays conferences on gay, feminist, Chicano, or Black literature demand that the voices for these groups come from within. No one is allowed to write about Chicana lesbian experience except a Chicana lesbian.'

It is quite a rich and complex piece but I think I'm excited by it because he is saying that the voice of the outsider is not exclusive to the outsider. And similarly the outsider is not defined simply by his outsider status. Read it! It's way better than I made it sound.

This links in part also to Howard Slater's work on the notion of Walter Benjamin's 'affective class' which I think I have clumsily spoken about before. A little explanation via a quote from Real Phôné:

'If it could be said that the working class was formerly in the position of the excluded and seeking access to representation, then, the reframing of its anger and suffering into the language of politics, has to a degree made it a consensual figure. Its visibility by means of representation has made it into a “figure possessing a specific good or universality” upon which a hoped-for practice is based. Is this maybe why Rancière asserts that “politics cannot be defined on the basis of any pre-existing subject” (p.28) for the pre-existing subject, one that ‘possesses’ the logos, is already a representation made visible, made perceivable, by the currently operative ‘distribution of the sensible’ and as such cannot effect a new “dissensual reconfiguration of the common experience of the sensible” (p.140)? This may go some way to guessing at Rancière’s reasons for the abandonment of class struggle politics, but it does not explicitly explain what ‘supplement’, what non-existent subject, could come to take its place and effect what could take on a pro-revolutionary hue: the ‘redistribution of the sensible’.

Monster Emporium Press: New project, open subs

The monsters are planning a new fanzine, taking a different object of obsession / adoration each issue.

The first issue will be dedicated to JOSS WHEDON, creator of more good things than I can list without making this sentence too long.

Open submissions. We’d like fan fiction, articles, drawings, blurred stalkery pictures of the man himself or affiliates, etc. etc.

Deadline: 20th June. No money made will go to any individuals, just back in the pot for more zines. Contributors will get a free copy.

Images should be .jpg, minimum 300dpi, maximum 10mb file, suitable for B&W printing. Documents should be .doc (please, no .docx files), maximum 1500 words.

Send to hive@monsteremporiumpress.co.uk