16 June 2011


Here is a cut-up made from the blurbs of shit descriptions of shit movies:

An ageing World War II veteran guards a rebel leader’s harem at a Catskills resort when a huge snowstorm gets pulled into the virtual world created by a 19th century inventor and his acrobatic butler. In the unprecedented storm a platoon of marines overcome racial differences by perpetuating rumours that they sleep around. To detach himself from the agony of boot camp and the futility of war a man endangers himself by befriending two locals. He charms and scratches his way through the turmoil of the American Civil War and rethinks his life in the light of his daughter’s pending marriage. Meanwhile the feuding cat and mouse duo turn to a life of crime to pay the bills after a delinquent gang leader weighed down by unfulfilled aspirations makes a pact with the Devil (an insensitive jerk). Embarrassment ensues.

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