8 May 2012

Joni Mitchell on the relationship between drawing and songwriting

(Irritatingly the piece she's talking about is uncopyable, go here to see it.)

At this time, the way I laid color to outline an existing line was very similar to what I was doing musically. When I recorded a song I would play and sing at the same time, which I would say represents the black line, then I would take two or three words and stack one or two harmonies to them. One harmony would be like running a band of color and two harmonies would be like running two bands of color along the black line. These drawings have a lot of space and at that time, as I say, I was just recording voice and guitar, which is by nature a lot of space. As I became more and more color conscious and added more and more lines of colors in my drawings I seemed to crave it musically too. So, aesthetically, with music and drawing, I was intuitively concerned with similar problems.

from StarArt book

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