12 June 2012


Restless, the trees sway. Now, the trees are restless. Everything has led up to them swaying now, just so behind my bedroom window.

Trains pass, disturbing them. Dog barks. Bird sings. Dog barks, trains pass, disturbing each other. Bird trills, is quiet, trills again. Dog barks.

I came in with blisters. My feet were blistered. I mean really blistered. The heels, the little toes and that awkward point beside the bowl. The awkward point beside the bowl was the part that was most blistered when I came in.

It feels like a sort of heart. Full and mellow with pain. A heart mellow with pain. Full to the brim.

Specificities of people reveal themselves on the train. The train is brim full with specificities. People, full of specificities. And each person fuller still with other people, who are full again, to the brim, with other people still. Infinite.

Restless now I find a needle and warm it up. I warm a needle over a flame. The flame is restless, swaying now, just so. The needle is hot over the flame. Heat travels to my finger tips but I don’t mind. My fingertips register the heat but they don’t mind. The needle is clean now.