25 July 2012


I can smell their coffee. One girl brings the thermos to the other's lips for her to sip. A gesture so tender. Pronouns confuse. Everything is she and her and her and she. They speak, slowly, in Spanish. It drifts my way and I dream in it that night.

A woman, young, conservatively dressed, blonde, cradles her dog in her arms, belly up, in a stance of absolute trust.

11 July 2012

Girl crush

'Women that use their bodies in the ways that we do—both of us in a way engage in the self-portrait—are often dismissed, have been dismissed historically, seen as attention whores, narcissists, etc. I think both of us have been interested lately in the notion of the girl-cipher—Green Girl was inspired as well with the celebutante, with Britney and Lindsay—and how the girl is interpreted in public, is over-interpreted. I feel that Heroines and now Slapping Clark Gable, a new critical memoir/essay book I’m working on now—is trying to theorize how female artists are perceived, especially women who write of worlds perceived as “unimportant” or “unserious” or who write the body or self or emotions in any way—and to attempt to trace the genealogy of all this.
Kate Zambreno in conversation with Kate Durbin

Britney in the Everytime video

6 July 2012

Writing as...

writing as smoke signal
writing as witness
writing as confession
writing as declaration
writing as love letter
writing as revenge
writing as occupation
writing as solace
writing as space
writing as freedom
writing as solitude
writing as celebration
writing as salvation
writing as damnation
writing as lie
writing as sin
writing as decision
writing as consciousness
writing as dedication
writing as manifestation
writing as destruction
writing as torpor
writing as love