13 September 2013

'The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine'

sky opens like heart, heart opens like sky, like legs, like cunt, like mouth, hinged, hungry, little birds, like fingers, spread against blue sheets, green sheets, grey sheets of rain closing sky, white sheets of paper rippling outside revealing patterns of air, hung over edges to dry, blue sheets, green sheets, over edges, head hung over edge, supine, feline, palm upward, skyward, to receive, to give, fist opens into palm, palm skyward, to detect, to bestow, palm closes into fist, to fight, to drag, knuckles graze along ground, beads of blood like marbles each one, joining in rivulets running down ranges of knuckles, gathering in pools at the wrist, a reflection, not ugly not beautiful, clear, pupils dilate, hungry, spread against face, against blue green sheets of face, the lashes, the shifting colour of irises, now brown, now green, petals in ones and twos, love, not love, ardent yellow centre like yolk, dumb with pollen, one function, pulling legs off ants, off spiders, love, not love,

pillowcase, unrumpled, pink, cat paw grit, big toe, craned neck, toss this way, toss that, nothing becomes fire, sticks against cold, nothing becomes fire, black freckle in green eye, blue freckle on white shoulder, blue nails, red lips, flight of stairs, foot kicking empty cigarette box, foot kicking mouthful of teeth, red lips, beads of blood like marbles, joining in rivulets running down ranges of mouth, gathering in pools at the hollow of neck, a reflection, clear and ugly as sin, sinner’s reflection, clear and ugly, beheading, behearting, short wooden boxes, coffin, confession, operations of hurt, zip zip zip bag is closed, door is closed, arms are closed, mouth is closed, eyes are closed,

in missing bodies fall apart, shoulders, head, headless body, cock, fingers, strewn across blue sheets, green sheets, murderous, murderess, destroyer, white hand, pink tongue, wet cunt, blue nails, brown curl,

in missing bodies come together, new logic of bodies, new bodies of logic, far and near, one, another, a new monster, fingers, brown curl, wet cunt, head, shoulders, white hand, cock, pink tongue, headless body, blue nails,

together in lines, words, fresh monsters, new things,

a game of Exquisite Corpse -

6 September 2013


Lyndsey Reese has written a little essay about a story of mine on the Ploughshares blog.

5 September 2013

Poems for today

What Was Told, That
- Rumi
translated by Coleman Barks

What was said to the rose that made it open was said
to me here in my chest.

What was told the cypress that made it strong
and straight, what was

whispered the jasmine so it is what it is, whatever made
sugarcane sweet, whatever

was said to the inhabitants of the town of Chigil in
Turkestan that makes them

so handsome, whatever lets the pomegranate flower blush
like a human face, that is

being said to me now. I blush. Whatever put eloquence in
language, that's happening here.

The great warehouse doors open; I fill with gratitude,
chewing a piece of sugarcane,

in love with the one to whom every that belongs!

Be Near Me
- Faiz Ahmed Faiz   
translated by Naomi Lazard

Be near me now,
My tormenter, my love, be near me—
At this hour when night comes down,
When, having drunk from the gash of sunset, darkness comes
With the balm of musk in its hands, its diamond lancets,
When it comes with cries of lamentation,
                                             with laughter with songs;
Its blue-gray anklets of pain clinking with every step.
At this hour when hearts, deep in their hiding places,
Have begun to hope once more, when they start their vigil
For hands still enfolded in sleeves;
When wine being poured makes the sound
                                             of inconsolable children
                      who, though you try with all your heart,
                                             cannot be soothed.
When whatever you want to do cannot be done,
When nothing is of any use;
—At this hour when night comes down,
When night comes, dragging its long face,
                                             dressed in mourning,
Be with me,
My tormenter, my love, be near me.