7 January 2014


Would it be true to say I am not as interested in the people who have responses to whatever situation as I am in all possible responses to whatever situation and the choosing of one or more than one response?

Does pining exercise the mind?

If I stay up another night wondering if we are women or if we are female or if we are one are we also the other or either or neither or what, apart from work and holes and tubes and circles in places, makes us so, will I be able to sleep the next night?

How to use the word ‘we’?

Have I lost something or found something by deciding that love is and has to be ordinary and neutral?

Does it ‘mean’ that in my dreams everyone is doing laundry all the time, that a happy pack of launderers as dedicated to unsoiling as they are to soiling are there smiling and singing?

Is it possible to be happy and homeless?

If I ever had to describe him on the radio so he could be found after the wreckage of a typhoon and I said, he is the one who is like no other, how would that help?

Why, when I see a girl plaiting her hair in the street, do I become ecstatic?

How can the too easy viciousness of family be borne?

Does Julia Roberts laugh alone? Is it the same laugh she laughs in the movies?

Why are there not more bell ringers or bells to be rung? What can be done about this?

How possible is it to be completely aware of a transformation as it is happening?

Why is it not surprising that it is the women here, a burden all their lives, only a hand, who are mostly on medication?

And why is it so funny when she says they should put antidepressants in the water?

How can I stop my sweat and breath coming to smell exactly like the sweat and breath of whoever I am sharing a bed with?

What does it mean you have gone through if you can recognise the sound of an explosion from a very long way away?

Can an infinite backing out also become a position?

If you think someone has a beautiful face does it make you more likely to forgive them? Does their knowing this make them more likely to transgress?

Is love a kind of extraction, Julia Roberts’ smile?


  1. Yep, this is great. Have you read Padget Powell? It's the most addictive question asking.

  2. Thanks J! And no I've not even heard of PP, will find him...