20 May 2014

Turtles all the way down

A story is told about an old woman who interrupts a scientist who is giving a public lecture. In the story he stands before a lectern explaining the nature of the universe.
    ‘Excuse me young man,’ says the old lady, ‘but you are wrong. The universe is really a flat disc balanced on a turtle’s back.’
    ‘A ha!’ says the scientist, thinking he has caught her out, ‘but what is the turtle standing on?’
    ‘You’re very clever young man,’ she says, ‘but I think you’ll find it’s turtles all the way down.’

Making It Up As You Go Along // Bin Ramke

Lucretius loved Epicurus, knew
the world through him; his
meaning was clear: love as a way
of knowing, of assuming the known.

To know is to narrate.
People die trying to tell what
it was like there then. Others
die of not trying. The form of this
telling is, for example,
a trellis. A growth controlled
unpredictable within measure.

Trellis. Tri licium. three threads.
The weaver knows
through the fingers the way worlds
hold together. Basket makers.
The shadow of a trellis is filled
against itself, against measure.
See the sun try again to
stop the movement of the rose

climbing among the woven ways.